APEX® Proration

Industry recognised, accurate proration engine

APEX® is an industry-recognized proration engine. It handles complex interline agreements of airlines with 99% accuracy and reduces revenue leakage and increases speed of interline settlements.

APEX powers Neutral Fare Proration service offered by ATPCO and Accelya Kale. The NFP service is an integral part of IATA’s First & Final™ Billing Service.

Apart from being the heart of Accelya’s successful Passenger Revenue Accounting solution REVERA, APEX has also been integrated with a number of other Passenger Revenue Accounting systems in use with airlines worldwide.

APEX® accurately prorates more than 550 million transactions a year for airlines globally.

Key Benefits

1. Comply with industry standards
APEX is an industry-recognized engine and is compliant with industry standards.

2. Reduce rejection rates and prevent revenue leakage
APEX provides consistently accurate and quick results. It reduces the rejection rate and speeds up interline settlement to improve cash flows. It also prevents revenue leakage caused due to under-billing.

3. Increase productivity
High degree of automation in proration almost eliminates manual intervention. It uses industry best-practices-based workflows to drive further efficiencies.

4. Improve decision making
APEX provides intelligence on proration data that helps airlines carry out analyses such as SPA performance, interline performance and effectiveness of the provisos. It also provides Intelligence on potential revenue of a future flight.

5. Get a neutral service provider
Accelya Kale is a neutral service provider and is not governed by any competing airline. The platform and processes are independent of any airline strategic roadmap, and the confidentiality and security of customer data is of utmost importance.

6. Reduce total cost of operations
APEX is available on pay-per-use, eliminating any upfront investment in infrastructure and licensing. Pre-built interfaces and connectors save customization costs. Industry compliance mandates in the future, enhancements and technical upgrades are delivered free. The high degree of automation reduces manpower and training costs. As a result, APEX substantially lowers the total cost of operations


1. Comprehensive and flexible SPA feature to handle all types of bilateral as well as multilateral agreements

2. Tax (TFC) proration based on RATD/TTBS and YQ/YR

3. Surcharge fare-basis translation processing using industry standard ATPCO fares and rules data

4. Net / Anagram features to handle net agreements

5. Accurate identification and proration of taxes and surcharges

6. Compliance with MPA, ACH, NFP Business Standards

7. Automatic fare calculation area interpreter

8. Intelligent error handling and correction mechanism

9. Customisable Prorate Slip

10. Built-in Quality Control

11. Prorate trace feature to set up SPAs, provisos and taxes

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