AIMS – Crew Management System

The AIMS Crew Management System is an operationally proven family of fully integrated sub-systems, which have been successfully used by various sized scheduled/charter service domestic and international airline organizations since 1983. AIMS offers the User airline the benefits of complete and effective administrative and operational control of its crew resources. The Crew Management System is fully integrated with other AIMS system modules for Aircraft Management, Operations Control and Commercial Planning.

• Crew Planning supporting rules from more than 30 different countries (EU OPS, FAR’s, CAR’s, etc.)

• Gives the ability to determine requirements for any given commercial schedule, taking into account required regulations, training, vacation and administrative requirements

• Allows the creation of efficient crew pairings resulting in improved crew utilization that can lead to reduction in costs such as hotel and transport

• Takes into account national, company requirements and union agreements

• Crew Assignment – Manual or fully automated

• Creates efficient, cost effective individual crew schedules

• Accepts crewmember preferences and requests

• Uses the ‘Fair Assignment’, Preferential Bidding or Bidline methods

• Generates hotel and transport requirements by location and supplier

• Affords complete operational control of crew resources – Management by exception

• Allows quick identification of additional crew to meet operational needs

• Automatic identification of illegal or unqualified crew

• Generates crew schedule amendment logs to facilitate crew notifications

• A comprehensive range of crew related reports, records and statistics is available

Other core modules: Fully integrated with AIMS: Operations Control and Commercial Planning Systems

Add-on modules (Optional): 1) Automatic Crew Pairing Generator, 2) Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System, 3) Automated Crew Check-in Check-out, 4) Crew Briefing (CBS), 5) Leave Management, 6) Crew Pairings/Crew Schedule Costing, 7) Automated Crew HOTAC & Travel Management, 8) Crew Allowances Calculations, 9) APIS Messaging, 10) Cosmic Radiation Tracking for Crew, 11) Automated Crew Training Management, 12) Crew Access to AIMS via Internet, which provides: Access to Personal & Flight info, Trip trades, Preferential Bidding, Bidline selection and Pilot-entered journey logs, 13) Crew access to AIMS via cell phones, 14) SMS Messaging Service, 15) Crew Establishment Planning, 16) Message Distribution System, 17) Report Generator.