ADSoftware Aviation Dedicated Software

AIRPACK Fleet Management System and Logistics Solutions


Passenger Revenue Accounting System / Miscellaneous Billing / Tax Engine

FinesseMBS™ Miscellaneous Billing Solution

Miscellaneous billing / Non transport billing

VIVALDI Card Management

Credit card management suite - Authorisation, Authentication, Risk management, Billing & Clearing, Business Intelligence, Reconciliation and ChargeBack management.

APEX® Proration

Passenger Fare Proration

REVERA® NEXT CRA Cargo Revenue Accounting Solution

Cargo and Mail Revenue Accounting

EverestAir™ Decision Support Solution

Decision support solution for airlines

Explosives Detection

Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of explosives detection sytems and equipment.

ZENITH® Solution

Hosting, Inventory, Reservation (including IBE), E-ticketing, Fares Management, DCS and Reports, Exports and Statistics (RES)

AMOS – Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering System

Maintenance and Engineering with Integrated Material Management

EDGAR Passenger Revenue Accounting Software

Passenger Revenue Accounting - SIS compliant

MonaLisa Suite of Products

Revenue Accounting System/Route Profit Analyzer

Datalex Travel Distribution Platform (TDP)

Travel Distribution Platform and Products

PPS – Preflight Planning System Software

PC-based Flight Planning and Web-based Pilot Briefing Software Solutions to Airlines

Trax Maintenance

Maintenance and Engineering

PDC Aviation Suite

Scheduling, Operations Control, Crew Management

ALMIRA – Airline Management Information Platform

Supreme Route Economics Analysis, Supplier Contract Management, Central DOC Register, Invoice Reconciliation, Accurate Budgeting and Forecasting, Ebilling, Self Billing.

DigiMAINT Integrated Maintenance and Engineering Management System Solution

Aviation maintenance and engineering management system

PROS Analytics for Airlines

Revenue Management

PROS O&D Cargo Solutions

Revenue Management

PROS O&D Solutions

Revenue Management

PROS O&D Solutions

Revenue Management

PROS Revenue Management Solution

Revenue Management


Revenue Accounting

ULTRAMAIN Aviation Maintenance and Integrated Logistics Software

ULTRAMAIN is a comprehensive maintenance and engineering software system that helps leading aviation organizations throughout the world track, manage, and maintain their assets. From large-scale aviation enterprises to regional airlines, our customers use ULTRAMAIN to increase accountability, ensure adherence to industry regulations, and maintain maintenance and logistics operations.


Electronic Cabin Log and Passenger Information Software

ULTRAMAIN efbContentManager

Aircraft Electronic Content Management Software

ULTRAMAIN® efbTechLogs™

Electronic Tech Log software that replaces paper flight logs

ULTRAMAIN® efbGroundSystem™

Electronic Tech Log Ground System Software

Navtech Crew Planning Solutions – The Navtech PBS and Navtech Optimizer Suite

Preferential Bidding System and Crew Pairing Optimizer

Navtech Flight Operations Solutions

Operations Management

Alkym / Management and Control System for Aircraft Maintenance

Alkym® is a completely integrated software solution which includes, among others, the following modules and tools:

Maintenance Control
Purchasing & Repairs
Receiving & Shipping
Human Resources
Quality Assurance
Technical Library
Production Kios


Simplified Interline Settlement


Airline Royalty Solution


Sales & Revenue Business Intelligence


Bussines Intelligence Solution for Airlines

Travel Content Management and Integrated Distribution Solutions Provider

Flight Schedules, Database Management and Dissemination, Timetable Compilation and Distribution, Analytical Services

AIMS – Commercial Planning System

Commercial Planning - Flight Scheduling - Slot Management - Flight Cost and Revenue Analysis - Flight Quotations & Sales Management

AIMS – Operations Control System

Aircraft Scheduling, Aircraft Maintenance Planning, Daily Aircraft/Crew Coordination, Flight Watch

AIMS – Crew Management System

Crew Planning/Assignment/Tracking.

Airport Moving map

Highly accurate airport maps and data for use with cockpit devices displaying accurate taxi information, limited visibility taxi, airport administration uses, runway incursion prevention.

OpsData Services

Runway analysis / Airport information

Jeppesen Carmen Crew Management

All aspects of crew scheduling; manpower planning, crew pairing, crew rostering, bidlines, preferential bidding, and crew tracking

Jeppesen Carmen Schedule Management

Aircraft operations planning.

Jeppesen Ground Resources

Optimized rostering and deployment of ground resource staff and equipment

Jeppesen Commercial Training

Aviation training for commercial, corporate and military operators

Jeppesen Flight Planning

Computerized flight planning.

Jeppesen Airline Operations Center Solutions

Operations center information management and integration.

AIMS – Flight Operations & Sales Management

Instant charter flight quotations to customers/brokers considering both aircraft & crew availability (assuming that AIMS Crew Management and Operations Control Systems are also installed).
Subsequent generation of invoices and planning and tracking of passengers, aircraft and crew.

Interline proration and Interline taxes audit applications

• IDEC and sales data files received by FTP; CD, Email or iiNET
• Airline client can produce sales data in any format
• eASIOnline® Proration audit uses proration engine and staff expertise to maximise accuracy
• RATD taxes information used to audit interline billing taxes
• Coupon facsimile shown in support of each rejection memo
• Rejection memo information in file format for uploading to revenue accounting system
• Upload file customised to match SIS and airline requirements
• Customer website to access rejection memos
• Management reports on rejection history available on customer portal


Airline Revenue Accounting Suite

ULTRAMAIN® eReporting™

Integrated Flight Crew Reporting Software

AeroSoft PMI Systems – WinPMI

Aviation Maintenance and Engineering Management System

ECARGO® Air Cargo Manifest Global Customs Reporting System

Electronic Exchange of Documentation Information with Customs Authorities