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Airline IT solutions.


FinesseCost™ Cost Management


Prevent overpayment to suppliers and efficiently manage Direct Operating Costs (DOC) Accelya's FinesseCost helps airlines efficiently manage their Direct Operating Costs (DOC). It streamlines the payables process by automatically processing E-invoices from various DOC vendors such as airports, ATC and fuel companies. FinesseCost accurately estimates flight's operational costs based on actual operational data and vendor contracts. ...


ULTRAMAIN Aviation Maintenance and Integrated Logistics Software


ULTRAMAIN is a comprehensive maintenance and engineering software system that helps leading aviation organizations throughout the world track, manage, and maintain their assets. From large-scale aviation enterprises to regional airlines, our customers use ULTRAMAIN to increase accountability, ensure adherence to industry regulations, and maintain maintenance and logistics operations.


Airport Moving map


Highly accurate airport maps and data for use with cockpit devices displaying accurate taxi information, limited visibility taxi, airport administration uses, runway incursion prevention.


Interline proration and Interline taxes audit applications


• IDEC and sales data files received by FTP; CD, Email or iiNET
• Airline client can produce sales data in any format
• eASIOnline® Proration audit uses proration engine and staff expertise to maximise accuracy
• RATD taxes information used to audit interline billing taxes
• Coupon facsimile shown in support of each rejection memo
• Rejection memo information in file format for uploading to revenue accounting system
• Upload file customised to match SIS and airline requirements
• Customer website to access rejection memos
• Management reports on rejection history available on customer portal