FinesseMBS™ Miscellaneous Billing Solution

Miscellaneous billing / Non transport billing

VIVALDI Card Management

Credit card management suite - Authorisation, Authentication, Risk management, Billing & Clearing, Business Intelligence, Reconciliation and ChargeBack management.

APEX® Proration

Passenger Fare Proration

REVERA® NEXT CRA Cargo Revenue Accounting Solution

Cargo and Mail Revenue Accounting

EDGAR Passenger Revenue Accounting Software

Passenger Revenue Accounting - SIS compliant

MonaLisa Suite of Products

Revenue Accounting System/Route Profit Analyzer

ALMIRA – Airline Management Information Platform

Supreme Route Economics Analysis, Supplier Contract Management, Central DOC Register, Invoice Reconciliation, Accurate Budgeting and Forecasting, Ebilling, Self Billing.

PROS Analytics for Airlines

Revenue Management

PROS O&D Cargo Solutions

Revenue Management

PROS O&D Solutions

Revenue Management

PROS O&D Solutions

Revenue Management

PROS Revenue Management Solution

Revenue Management


Revenue Accounting


Simplified Interline Settlement

Interline proration and Interline taxes audit applications

• IDEC and sales data files received by FTP; CD, Email or iiNET
• Airline client can produce sales data in any format
• eASIOnline® Proration audit uses proration engine and staff expertise to maximise accuracy
• RATD taxes information used to audit interline billing taxes
• Coupon facsimile shown in support of each rejection memo
• Rejection memo information in file format for uploading to revenue accounting system
• Upload file customised to match SIS and airline requirements
• Customer website to access rejection memos
• Management reports on rejection history available on customer portal


Airline Revenue Accounting Suite