Explosives Detection

Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of explosives detection sytems and equipment.

PPS – Preflight Planning System Software

PC-based Flight Planning and Web-based Pilot Briefing Software Solutions to Airlines

PDC Aviation Suite

Scheduling, Operations Control, Crew Management

Navtech Crew Planning Solutions – The Navtech PBS and Navtech Optimizer Suite

Preferential Bidding System and Crew Pairing Optimizer

Navtech Flight Operations Solutions

Operations Management

Travel Content Management and Integrated Distribution Solutions Provider

Flight Schedules, Database Management and Dissemination, Timetable Compilation and Distribution, Analytical Services

AIMS – Commercial Planning System

Commercial Planning - Flight Scheduling - Slot Management - Flight Cost and Revenue Analysis - Flight Quotations & Sales Management

AIMS – Operations Control System

Aircraft Scheduling, Aircraft Maintenance Planning, Daily Aircraft/Crew Coordination, Flight Watch

AIMS – Crew Management System

Crew Planning/Assignment/Tracking.

OpsData Services

Runway analysis / Airport information

Jeppesen Carmen Crew Management

All aspects of crew scheduling; manpower planning, crew pairing, crew rostering, bidlines, preferential bidding, and crew tracking

Jeppesen Carmen Schedule Management

Aircraft operations planning.

Jeppesen Ground Resources

Optimized rostering and deployment of ground resource staff and equipment

Jeppesen Flight Planning

Computerized flight planning.

Jeppesen Airline Operations Center Solutions

Operations center information management and integration.

AIMS – Flight Operations & Sales Management

Instant charter flight quotations to customers/brokers considering both aircraft & crew availability (assuming that AIMS Crew Management and Operations Control Systems are also installed).
Subsequent generation of invoices and planning and tracking of passengers, aircraft and crew.

ULTRAMAIN® eReporting™

Integrated Flight Crew Reporting Software